2009 NOVO Award


The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce 2009 NOVO Award to The Ocean Bank Center for Educational Materials is accepted by Linda Lecht, President, AG亚游集团官方网站(右二)和特里·库里, Ocean Bank COO (far right).

MIAMI, April 2, 2009 -- The Education Fund’s Ocean Bank Center for Education Materials has received the 2009 NOVO Award from the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce (GMCC), 在非营利性商业创新方面的卓越表现.

The Education Fund works side-by-side with the private sector to direct resources where they are needed most in Miami-Dade County Public Schools. The Education Fund fulfills its mission by designing and implementing initiatives to improve schools and bring excellence to public education. In three decades we have raised $51 million to increase academic achievement in Miami-Dade's public schools.

The Education Fund’s president, Linda Lecht and Ocean Bank's COO, Terry Curry accepted the award from GMCC Chairman Carlos Guzman at the Chamber’s monthly Board of Trustees meeting.

海洋银行中心的主要目标是满足教师对教育工具的强烈需求, supplies, 以及创造学生需要学习的支持性环境的资源.

Since 1993, the Ocean Bank Center has donated $8.在2.6万教师访问期间,提供了价值100万美元的物资,惠及100多万学生. The center is housed in a centrally located, 11,000-square foot warehouse where teachers "shop for free" for classroom materials donated by more than 650 area businesses.

而资源则提供给整个地区的20人,000+ teachers in 400 public schools, 它的教室用品库存对低收入社区的教师尤其重要, 那里的学生有时甚至没有铅笔或纸. 在这个仓库里可以买到的物品包括传统的铅笔, crayons, paper, books, and rulers to more diverse items including fabric, cardboard, and paint.

在海洋银行中心建立之前,没有任何机制允许企业向学校捐款. Now, with one call, 一个公司可以确保它的货物被高效和有效地提取和分发. In fact, the center was the first facility in Florida established specifically to distribute supplies to public schools. Its success as a reuse/recycle center continues to serve as a model for similar programs across the country.

在收到100台旧电脑后,该中心又推出了另一个同类项目. Through FamilyTech, 海洋银行中心为贫困家庭征集和翻新电脑. More than 10,000个贫困家庭和500个贫困教室获得了电脑, along with training for students, their parents, and teachers. FamilyTech率先帮助AG亚游集团官方网站学区将技术完全融入课堂.