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请您加入AG亚游集团官方网站AG亚游集团官方网站 Teacher Care Campaign. 请考虑一下发自内心的捐赠.

你可能还记得AG亚游集团官方网站的“免费教学”活动. 3000多名商人发现教书很难. And now with COVID, teachers are doing twice 像以前一样帮助孩子成功!

Today, in this phase of the pandemic, our teachers are simultaneously teaching two groups of students – half who are in the physical classroom and half who are learning from home. 此外,随着学生生病,老师们也要应对隔离带来的持续不确定性.

老师们正在打扫自己的教室, and they are figuring out how to give each student their own set of supplies as COVID prevents sharing. 迈阿密-戴德大学四分之三的学生靠联邦政府资助, 教师们不仅要管理紧张的环境, they are also footing the bill.

我们请求你和我们一起支持AG亚游集团官方网站老师. You can be an integral part of our Assurant Bank Teacher Care Campaign by making a donation from your heart.




*如欲以ACH或电汇方式捐款,请致电 .


    How your donation makes an impact:

  • 在您的支持下,AG亚游集团官方网站将收到最多 $2 MILLION DOLLARS 免费分发给老师和学生的学校用品.
  • 你的任务是帮助我们筹集50万美元来支付运输和其他费用.
  • What an investment — $1/2MM becomes $2MM.
  • Every donation counts and helps The Education Fund give supplies to teachers weekly, starting today!
  • When you donate, you will have the opportunity to send a personal thank you note to teachers to show your appreciation — these notes will be shared weekly with teachers to help brighten their days.
  • 当活动在情人节结束时,我们将使用 ALL of the notes to create a huge Valentine's Day campaign to raise the spirits of all of our teachers.

We hope you will join us. Let’s show teachers that WE CARE. 捐赠给老师,让他们可以教育我们最需要帮助的学生. 帮助老师、学生和家长取得成功!