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把你可用的剩余物品变成迈阿密-戴德县公立学校学生的“财富”. Here's how:

  • 识别所有可用的多余库存,剩余,剩余供应等
  • 完成下面的在线表格 and the Ocean Bank Center for Educational Materials manager will call you to discuss your company's donation and arrange for delivery or pickup.
  • 不确定你的物品是否适合捐赠,请致电AG亚游集团官方网站,电话:x107.
  • Keep the letter you receive after your business donation is made and show it to your tax advisor to determine if your donation is eligible for up to a 200 percent tax deduction under IRS section 170(e)(3).
  • Know that your company's supplies will be put to good use in public school classrooms throughout Miami-Dade County. 我们将把您的物品编目并在海洋银行教育资料中心展出, an 11,000-sq.-ft. 仓库,成千上万的教师在那里接受免费供应.
  • 在计划通讯中获得认可, invitations, flyers, 教师出版物和特殊活动.

Kirsten Lyon


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